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Meet Our Team...

Christine Gross

Christine Gross has been working with seniors and adults on Medicare plans since 2007, when she founded Tindon Senior Services & Tindon Financial Services. Christine started as a part-time CNA and full-time mother of five, including one special needs daughter. Through both her home and work life, Christine saw how under-supported seniors, caretakers and parents of disabled adults were, especially when it came to the often confusing, but beneficial, transition to Medicare and the plans that coincide with it. 


Fast forward 16 years later, and Christine has helped well over 2000 individuals navigate this transition and thrive. Independently contracted with eight major carriers and servicing the entirety of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont,, Christine is able to work for the client, not the insurance companies. Give her a call today and set up an appointment - there’s never a cost to meeting & working with her. Seniors in New England deserve answers and support when it comes to their Medicare Plan options - Christine Gross has those answers.

Brianna Henward

Brianna Henward is an independent insurance advisor and owner of Tindon Associates. She specializes in Medicare plans, the Affordable Care Act and the Maine Health Insurance Marketplace.

Andrew Henward

Andrew Henward is a licensed, independent financial advisor with a passion for overall financial and physical wellness inspired by his own upbringing. Andrew’s childhood wasn’t perfect and he found himself at eighteen with minimal income, minimal financial knowledge, and weighing 450lbs but with a tenacity and sense of personal responsibility instilled from years of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Academy in Portland. Over the next years, Andrew lost over 150lbs, joined the military and began turning his life around and in doing so discovered a passion for helping others do the same.


Professionally, Andrew started off as an independent insurance advisor, supporting seniors and adults with disabilities to walk through their medicare & medicaid needs at retirement. He quickly discovered a need far greater, as he saw countless clients go back to work or avoid retirement all together due to lack of financial knowledge and support. Now, Andrew specializes in long term financial planning and coaching, providing personalized advice and guidance on investments, retirement planning, and estate planning. As he learned from humble beginnings in the gym the utility of discipline and incremental progress with consistency, he now works with his clients to develop day to day financial habits, and long term goal setting that will enable his clients to live fruitfully for decades to come.


Andrew is married and is expecting his first born son this fall. He owns and operates Tindon Associates with his wife, Brianna. When he’s not advising his clients or spending time with his family, Andrew continues his fitness journey through weight training with encouragement from his friends, engaging with peers via electronic media, and interactive storytelling. Or can be found sequestered away reading about a plethora of topics.

Remembering Don

Donald Gross

Don founded Tindon Senior Services with his wife Christine in 2007 and helped hundreds of seniors with their healthcare. With his passing, Christine is providing his same great service to his members but he is sorely missed. Any questions, please call 207-691-4979



Donald L. Gross, age 67, of Birdie Circle, passed away on December 5th, 2022 at Concord Hospital.

He was born in Frederick, MD the son of the late Carroll L. Gross Sr. and Alta M. (Summers) Gross.

He was a graduate of Westminster High School class of 1973.  He proudly served in the US Army.

In 1998 he and his wife, Christine, moved to Maine where they raised their 5 daughters.   He worked in sales selling building materials for over 30 years.  He was currently the co-owner and operator of Tindon Financial Services with his wife.

Donald loved music, traveling, visiting wineries, playing cards, and admiring old architecture.

Donald guided his family through their spiritual walk with God.